Leon Van Parys




Our history begins in the 1920’s when Mr. Edmond Van Parys, Leon Van Parys Naday’s grandfather, traded citrus fruits from Spain and send them to his father, the Belgium trader and ship-owner, Leon Van Parys.
In the 1930’s, Mr. Edmond Founded his first company in Brazil, Citrobrasil S.A, which was the main citrus exporter from Brazil during many years.

Some years later, in the 50’s, he also became a producer, creating Fazenda Sete lagoas Agricola S.A, which would be, in some years, one of the majors exporters of the fruits in Brazil.
In 2004, the Fazenda Sete Lagoas group rent its agricultural areas and stopped exporting citrus.

Leon Van Parys Naday, commercial director of the group since 1979, created the company, keeping all the staff, suppliers and clients.
Today, LVP still one of the major exporter of fresh fruit of Brazil.


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